{ all the feng shui to multiply your manifesting magic } 



Today I want to share The Love Camp with you and I hope that you join us. 

The idea for this started well over a decade and a half ago.

Or much longer ago, actually.

As many of us have, as a child I experienced a lot of other people's pain and mistakes and took them to heart. Where love was concerned, what I witnessed was a nightmare of epic proportions. 

To spare you the incredible details reserved for a book one day, we'll leave it at: my father had several families secretly at once, my mom found an even more abusive man after her marriage blew up and love became something low on my priority list.  

I swore I'd never be in one of those horrible relationships. I would never "suffer for love." Because I didn't really understand the magnitude of my decisions, I turned "personal achievement" into my brand of "self-love."

And, I did achieve a lot, but it came at great personal expense. I was in turns consumed by an eating disorder, anxiety that was numbing and no real understanding of what was happening.

I did things seemingly "right." I was an overachiever, I had an amazing education and extraordinary life experiences my parents didn't have.

It made no sense why I was slowly - then quickly-  slipping into an abyss that looked incredibly familiar that I had sacrificed so much to avoid.  Toxic relationships with narcissists, gaslighting, feeling like I was losing my mind. 

I had no idea how to love myself or love my life. And, I had no idea how to break the chain of toxic relationships that were draining every bit of my light. 

Under the weight of my stress, my life finally blew up. I got extremely sick with an autoimmune issue that landed me in the hospital for weeks, my job ended at the same time and I needed to figure out how to actually heal myself when doctors were telling me that it was impossible.

I needed to get grounded in myself and love myself for real, for the first time in my life. 

This is when I found Feng Shui and started to make the kind of changes that put a solid foundation under my feet that I never had before. 

All the clutter around me in my house was so similar to my emotional overwhelm and all the things I was avoiding.  All the lack of connection in my life was mirrored in my empty walls, stuffed away boxes and a bed on a loft in a bunglow where I'd sleep with beams a few inches from my head.

As I ultimately did heal myself, I learned in so many ways how to clear space and deeply love. Myself. My life. My home. The loves of my life. My purpose.

And from there, the world opened up in ways I can't begin to describe beyond blessings…all fueled by love. 

With love, it seemed could make seemingly anything happen.

We all have our own stories and our paths. I don't profess to know every one of the secret mysteries of love.

I do know, most certainly, that love can be the energy that shapes your lifestyle and that love can be a choice.

Every. Single. Day.   

After years of helping thousands of people clear and energize their homes-  and bring their dreams to life in the process-  I'm certain that love is the energy that changes everything. 

I've seen lives transform, wellness restored, careers soar, soulmates arrive, families grow and so much more... all from a choice to love and see that love reflected everywhere.

Love is the energy of connection, creativity and the hugest breakthroughs.

Love will multiply your manifesting power. 

And, this is why I'm so excited for you to fill your whole life with more love and all the magnetic power it brings!

Your space is a mirror of your life. When you change your space, your life changes.

The Love Camp is an immersion in Love Feng!  

What does that mean? 

  • We'll clean house in a big way— from energy clearing to polishing clutter clearing to breaking free of toxic energies. You'll have lots of clear space for peace and passion to flourish. (* A special Energy Meditation for breaking free of these toxic entanglements that's pure magic is part of The Love Camp. It's one of the most life-changing energy clearings I've ever done!) 
  • Your home and life gets organized so that YOU COME FIRST! 
  • Feng Shui comes in each week to light up your home with your intentions.  The Feng Shui starts to bring those dreams to life!!!  
  • And… your manifesting ability grows as you immerse yourself in love, art, fun, beauty, freedom and passion!

Living a life filled with more love is something we all know that we want to do, yet it can be hard to face the stuff that stands between us and more LOVE.

Some of the big reasons why: 

  • It can feel "selfish" to put yourself first. 
  • You might have been shown in your life that love has conditions attached to it. (It doesn't! Love is unconditional!)
  • Toxic love, family strife, grief, loss, guilt and/or trauma can make it hard to confront the prospect of love.  
  • Emotional rollercoasters, stress and distractions that pull your focus also pull you away from ever having the time to focus on yourself.

Move past any one of these hurdles and huge breakthroughs are waiting!



  • Your home is gorgeous and you feel incredible as you enter every room!
  • You're present and excited to be present for every single moment of the day! 
  • Work is FUN.  And, you're attracting way more perfect opportunities. And money. 
  • You glow.  And you're ultra-confident. 
  • Every day you know that something amazing is about to happen…!
  • You've got a solid foundation in your life, and a sanctuary in your home. 
  • Your ability to confront and solve problems soars!  And with that, so much stress and worry is gone!
  • Inspiration comes easier and creativity flourishes. 
  • You enjoy all the self-care you need as your normal routine every single day!
  • You have more free time – minimally 7 more hours a week in my experience--  when you get deeply organized.  So much free time to focus on building what you want in your life!  
  • You know how valuable you are and how grateful you are, every day, for everything you have.
  • You are LUCKIER! You are making your own luck every single day!
  • You know you are super-loveable! 
  • You feel so full of love that it becomes easier to share it far and wide and help others without leaving yourself last.
  • And, your love can change the world!!! As David Hawkins found in his research, one person living in a state of love can lift 750,000 other people on the planet much higher in their lives!!!

And, that's just the start.  
I've seen everything from a woman with a just finalized divorce have her dream partner arrive right after she made a few big feng shui changes... babies conceived after bedroom makeovers where couples had struggled in the past and even $500,000 of investment money for a dream project pouring into someone's life after just a few significant but simple switches were made at home.  
While I can't guarantee anything specific to you, I can guarantee that you will experience tons of powerful and personal change from the actions in The Love Camp. 

Just getting to know me?

My name is Dana Claudat and I am the Dana behind The Tao of Dana.  I studied Art History at Stanford University and became a Feng Shui Master.  I design homes. I design lifestyles. I curate art collections.

Mainly: I help people rewrite their story to give more of themselves to life and get more of what they want from life.

The Christian Science Monitor did a profile on me & my work and reported : "She identifies herself as a designer, writer, and modern Feng Shui expert, but after speaking with her I feel she could add several other descriptors to her roster, including: catalyst, intuitive, and coach." 

My work has been featured in Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Women's Day, Curbed, Lonny, Mashable, The Zoe Report, Refinery 29, Huffington Post, and blogs and magazines around the world.  I've curated art for Saatchi Online, I've spoken in exclusive engagements, I'm a long-time wellness expert for Mind Body Green and was an Interiors editor of the Tumblr platform.  Mind Body Green & Athleta named me one of 2015's Top 100 Women To Watch in Wellness.   The City of Beverly Hills has became The City of WELLTH last year and I'm honored to have represented the pillar "RESTORE" and all the ways that wellness and positive energy affects life.

Out of all of this and a whole lot more in the last 18 years, the absolute greatest experience of all of this work is hearing that people have created homes they love and have learned to love themselves and their lives so much more.  Falling in love in every way, expanding their abundance in the process.  

Love never fails to be magic. 

This is all about you. Your wishes, your style, your way. You are the genius here.

I have learned so much over years of teaching and working with thousands of people, and the superstar Camp group you're joining is, hands-down, the greatest group I could ever be blessed with knowing! People are blown away by the teamwork, synergy, support, brilliance and real love in the Camps …and I'm holding that high standard and intention in the biggest way! You are the genius here. I am honored to be your guide on the journey. To give you a sense of what's possible (*everything is possible!) here are some successes that I'm thrilled to share:

"While I have been a follower of The Tao of Dana, this was my first paid camp offered by Dana in which I have participated. I can honestly say to you right up front that it was life-altering! I entered into this from a place of 3 failed marriages (to 2 alcoholics and a narcissist,) and never having had a truly healthy relationship with a man. I had never been authentic to myself in past relationships either, always trying to be what I thought they wanted me to be. The timing of the Love Camp helped, as I had finally spent time doing internal work leading up to this camp. The universe had blessed me with the realization that some permanent changes within myself were needed before pursuing another relationship. What I needed was a mindset shift, and a belief that I could truly have a loving, healthy relationship. My limiting beliefs stemmed from the fact that I was 55 years old, had the "baggage" of 3 failed marriages, and now finally being authentic and true to myself realized that my interests & values were not within the mainstream. You see, my deepest desire is to live remotely and off-grid in a log cabin I'd built in a place like Alaska. Now that's a tall order for even the most outdoorsy of men! I even had constructed an eight page outline of all the skills and things needed to achieve this goal...and had determined I would accomplish it with or without my soulmate. This is where the Love Camp came into play. I wanted to feel more love in my life overall, even if I never found the man of my dreams. The mixture of things presented and offered over the Camp offers so much variety and information. You can work at your own pace, pick the things that speak to you and leave what doesn't. I had already been practicing feng shui for about 10 years, but loved the more detailed and specific tips and cures that Dana offered me. My biggest shift occurred by having her available to ask specific questions related to my own gua. My house is shaped in an L, with my Love Gua structurally other words it falls outside in an open grassy area of my yard. Dana offered several suggestions to help shore that area up, both inside and out. After adding simple things that represented love to me in that outside corner and keeping a fresh Love Magnet (such a simple but potent step) on my love "altar" in my bedroom, things started happening immediately. It was truly magical in fact! Coincidentally (or maybe not!) I had become close friends with an instructor from a Master Naturalist class I had taken. Imagine finding out that he and his children wanted to live remote and off-grid in Alaska too! (Seriously, you can't make this stuff up!) However, he was separated and going through a divorce, so very hesitant to even think about being in relationship outside of friendship. I respected that. But we had such strong common interests that we started spending a lot of time together doing things that are related to our similar dreams. Once I started implementing the cures stated before, there was a very distinctive shift. We became very connected, and started spending more and more time together. It flowed easily, and the synergy was hard to deny. The truth is, when you love who you are and exude love towards others (the core premise of the Love Camp) you draw love back to you. And that's what started happening for me. I can happily say that we are an official "couple", and just finished securing 55 logs for our first test project of building a log workshop on his property. The comfort and ease of such an honest, open, loving soulmate relationship is beyond anything I thought I could ever have, and I truly know it came from the simple steps I took during the Love Camp. My desire for others to know that it truly is possible to have a life full of love is immense, and my gratitude to Dana is beyond words."


"Results – that’s why you should do Dana’s camps. From being laid-off and unemployed for a year, behind one month in rent, living on the edge of ‘what’s going to happen to me’ … to gainfully employed in a position practically designed for me, driving a beautiful Hyundai Sonata with heated seats, all expenses fully paid. Support – Dana is a sweet, thoughtful, inspirational, experienced strong, old soul. Her work is impeccable. You are guided throughout. And the group – there is power that comes with intention. Dana pointed this out, I called upon the group and ta da! the job arrived more generously than I planned. I have never met the group, but I know them. Supportive and sometimes funny, informative and extremely useful. Awareness / Intention / Living Mindfully – how do you suppose I was able, in the midst of all that stuckness and fear – especially brought on by others who couldn’t bear standing in my shoes – to keep moving forward, believing, letting go, handling living on the skinny branches of the tree? Dana and the Camp. Breakthroughs from breakdowns; simplicity out of chaos. Living in the present, bringing intention in the present activity, looking forward, silencing the noise. IF thoughts are things, and everything is energy just vibrating at different levels, then you are safe in Dana’s teachings. So as a simple example: I created a few rituals – nothing drastic - a singing bowl so I feel the vibration move through me, and hear the tone to remind me why I’m (say) cleaning up an area versus it simply being a chore of cleaning … can you see the difference? That’s Dana. If you’re here, you’re ready to take on this part of your life. No coincidence. You’re in good hands creating your foundation from which you can build or even rebuild your dreams. Thanks Dana. I love you. "

~ Marilyn D.

"The Love Camp and really all of Dana's camps are truly amazing! You can go at your own pace and implement into your life what feels right. The tools are amazing but what really sets these camps apart if Dana. Her energy is infectious! She is like having a living angel by your side, supporting you, guiding you and encouraging you. The Camp members become an extended family. They support and share along the way making you feel like you are part of something bigger and more magical. So many amazing things have happened in my life since I first start the camps. New relationships, multiple unexpected trips to Europe, extended contracts, opportunities that I thought were gone reappeared. There are so many things I could say I could go on for days! What I think it most important for someone considering this is that you will be empowered with more tools then you could imagine to shift your energy, to set your path and to guide your ship. It's like taking your life from a middle seat on a budget airline to seat in business class on the best airline: you're still on a journey but the ride is so much better! The first step to more love is loving yourself enough to give yourself the gift of her camps! Do it! See you there!"

~ Gina

"During Love Camp I got connected with plants, so I did an activity to plant trees. I planted 70 trees . I have given presentations and speeches about that. With every step I am opening up more and more. I was in my shell. I didn't talk with people, I didn't meet people, I didn't give any suggestion in any groups I attend. I was like that. Now, I am looking for every opportunity to speak, give speeches and presentations. I got connected with my life purpose. I am healer but instead of healing others , I love teaching them self-healing. I feel by healing they become dependent on me. By teaching them, I am empowering them. Dana's energy is everywhere in my life. Love Camp and Dana have done remarkable miracles in my life. My relationship with my family has changed a lot especially with my in laws. That is best gift of Love Camp. I was in deep down, feeling I had fallen into tunnel. Love Camp has brought me out to the world. My life was in complete chaos. You have beautified that. I just loved the Love Camp …how you wanted to pour out yourself to help others. Best part I feel of yours is selfless work without ego. I learned best way of Feng Shui instead of the superstitious way of putting stuff everywhere at home."

~ R.M.

"I started Love Camp thinking that it would help me focus my priorities and improve my marriage but instead it highlighted my need for self-care and self-love. It was an eye opening 8 week journey that has helped me rethink how I see myself. Dana and the whole group is so supportive and sharing each other’s wins and answering any questions with such love and support makes this an uplifting positive wonderful group to be part of. I couldn’t recommend it enough and can’t wait for the next Camp to go deeper again."

~ Aoife

"I have done all of Dana's camps from the start and highly recommend them. They have made me so much more aware on an ongoing basis yet Love Camp was by far the most eye opening for me! I became so much more aware of how appreciating myself and looking at myself through love affects all that I do from how I keep my environment and handle daily decisions to how I speak to my inner being. Since using the tools I learned from Love Camp I might sometimes default to past habits yet the difference is now I feel uncomfortable when I do. I know those habits are not coming from the seat of love for myself. So I basically call myself out when that happens. It's changing the way I live with myself and in the world. In the process I see a beautiful domino effect on my environment and personal relationships. All the best relationships start with the one we have with ourselves. I would say that Love Camp taught me how to see myself as a work of art which, in turn, propels me to make my life a work of art, too."

~Pat Jensen

"I am a camp member from the beginning. And I've tried to make the connection, but recently I've been asked three times "Are you married? Available to marry?" I believe it is part of my attitude change on the inside now reflecting on the outside. I had heard of self-love but it sounded too strange for me until it was brought up "Can/do you love yourself as much as you do/would someone else. Would you do for yourself what you do for them?? Pets included??" I've had tons of experience making others comfortable and making them feel good. So, as a chef would I prepare a meal for myself as I would for a customer, loved one, etc.? Well I didn't!! Surprise! Guess where all my juicing 'scraps' went. In MY body while the better, fresher, more vibrant and cleaner vegetables and fruits went to others. I started there. Next it went to propping up a pillow under my feet, would I like an extra serving of _____? Could/would I buy gifts for my birthday, Christmas, wrap them and give them to myself later on? Ok so you get it. Those who asked me about marriage said "You seem comfortable with yourself, your own company, how do you do it?" Best answer, try The Love Camp. Let me know how it turns around for you, I am always here!!"


"Dana is a very compassionate, knowledgeable and generous soul. I have found myself evolving more and more with each Camp. Her joyful energy and colorful creativity are contagious and have brightened up my life. I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to take Dana’s Camps and transform my environment and myself. Om Shanti."


"Do I think Feng Shui works? Absolutely!! As Dana teaches us, it's all about our intentions, how we make space for them (literally and metaphorically), how we keep our eyes peeled for opportunities that pop up more and more often the more we engage, and how we nurture these intentions and the paths leading to them. Our environment REFLECTS us and AFFECTS us, even down to a cellular level and certainly at the level of our thoughts. It's all intertwined and it's powerful. Once you enroll in one of Dana's Camps, you can repeat it as often as you like. Why would you want to repeat it? First, Dana is always upgrading and adding new material. Second, the Facebook group. It goes year round, and there’s no substitute for the friendship, support and ideas. I find the third reason to be most meaningful for me, and it's that you go deeper into the topic and into yourself each time. This year will be my second time in Love Camp. Last year -- because the camps build on each other and I am a veteran camper in Catalyst Camp, Cash Camp and Joy Immersion -- I went deeper into myself than I expected. No one makes you go deeper. You direct your own ride, and it was a fabulous ride! I set self love as an intention, and quickly zeroed in on determining how much I could comfortably fit into my schedule and what were my priorities. I’m terrible with the concept of time… always starting 5 new projects before even getting up to speed on 3 others. My to do list for the day fills a week. As I studied myself, I realized I was also at the mercy of a couple of time wasting addictions like playing mobile games. Nearly a year later, I have honed my schedule, concentrated on my priorities, completed a host of large projects, nearly finished an entire bedroom make over, made positivity and love my mantra, booted out the addictions and literally hit the reset button! I owe it all to Dana and my Camp Facebook friends. I'm looking forward to the next Love Camp, excitedly waiting to see what will emerge for me this year. I never know what will call out to me as my personal theme for the eight weeks. I do know I'll be finishing the bedroom make-over and posting before and after photos. Huge transformation!"



I have been creating and hosting online groups for nine years, and I know the life-changing force of a community. I live for this stuff.  And I know this experience isn't for everyone. 

The Love Camp is NOT for you if...

  • you want to complain, blame others, or anything of the sort.
  • you're waiting for someone to do it for you.
  • you're convinced you won't be able to do it (I know you can, but I can't convince you, I won't try and I don't want that to take energy away from the group).
  • you're looking to completely re-decorate your home with my one-on-one guidance in furnishing your whole home during the Camp.  We are focusing on clearing space Feng Shui for your intentions... not an in-depth Personal Feng Shui Design Consultation... even though the outcome will be gorgeous design in your home!  That said, you will have one-on-one time with me to fine tune and get all the ideas you need to design, re-design and activate the energy in your home- with an added deep focus on bedrooms!-  wherever you're stumped, including a live webinar, weekly calls and the Facebook group.  
  • you want a complete Feng Shui consultation one-on-one with me (see the above!) since that's outside of the scope of our focus.  We are focused on Feng Shui for love and manifesting and far more in the course material and exercises to tune your whole life to love energy. It's 20X more material- over 10 hours of video, 30 pages of resources and bonus calls!-- than you'd get in Consultation (though Consultations are special onto themselves) so rest-assured, you are doing major Feng Shui in The Love Camp.
  • you're not really motivated even though it sounds like a good idea. An incredible community is a big deal to me and it creates deep momentum and trust and breakthroughs. I only want people in The Love Camp who are excited to go on the journey and support each other in the process.  It's better for everyone if everyone is 100% in! 

The Love Camp IS for you if...

  • you're ready to transform your space from stuck to energized and your love life - and the love in all of your life- from where it is now to flourishing even more!
  • you're open to confronting your situation now as much as you can, whatever it may be, and ready to find personal solutions.
  • you're excited to have a space and a life free of the needless obstacles and blocks that have been standing in the way of building a stable, flourishing life. 
  • you're willing to do the work! I've made it as reasonable as possible because we're all busy, but it does take commitment- and it's all quite enjoyable. You can go at your own pace and both keep and repeat the Love Camp for FREE every time it runs, so you have no need to rush!
  • and... you're excited to bring more momentum and manifesting magic to your life with both Feng Shui in your home and with actions in your high-energy, love-fueled days!



Here's what you get when you sign up for The Love Camp below:

  • A log-in to a private website where you'll find all The Love Camp material arriving weekly starting June 27th with a Special Event that's both recorded and live-streamed on the week we begin!
  • Access to the Private Love Camp Facebook Group (*people join Facebook just to do this- it's AWESOME) where I'll be present every day for the 8-Week Camp (and longer, the groups are spectacular and they stay together after the Camp!) Note: Facebook is not mandatory but people do love this group + some join Facebook just to visit the group!
  • Camp Materials that include over 10 hours of gorgeous HD videos, check-lists, worksheets and inspiring resource pages to keep you expanding and organized!
  • 8 Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls with me where every single one of your questions on the material will be answered. We don't watch a clock and I've been known to add on extra calls and extra hours to the calls. These are AWESOME.
  • 2 LIVE FENG SHUI WEBINARS - These webinars have proven to be a huge success in transforming space! You'll get my personal feng shui fine tuning where you feel challenged or stuck or simply want my feedback! I've been working online doing consults for nearly a decade now so I've mastered changing spaces in this way (Skype recently featured me for my virtual design work!) and it's exactly how I work with my clients to get awesome results.
  • The ability to repeat the Love Camp every year (*no extra charges, it's yours forever) to refine and expand.  Every level of life requires more organization, creativity and energy!
  • Bonus Calls with incredible leaders & experts.
  • People are often astonished by the amount of material, ideas and expansion in the Camps, and I keep on adding each year as it will serve all of you!!!  Once you're a member, you get all the updates instantly. 
  • And… MORE!  The Bonuses this year are each valued as highly as the Camp itself!!! 


--I am here to be of service to you. Your outcome is my outcome, and I take the successes of everyone who interacts with my material (even blog questions daily from strangers who are now friends!) extremely seriously.

--You will have my support, my best ingenuity and my years of experience to answer every single one of your questions.

--And... if you go through the whole Camp and actually DO it all- ALL 8 weeks- and do not see or feel any changes in your home or life for the better, you can happily have a full refund if you send in all your completed homework and photos by the last day of the Camp cycle.



It's the week to start clearing life of any stagnation, habits and stuff that no longer needs to stay, opening the doors to more love in profound ways. We'll also be doing a Love Visioning Workshop this week where your intentions for love become crystal clear and you'll learn my time-tested and largely science-backed Feng Shui manifestation tools. 

  • Your DIY Space-Clearing routine creates a total Fresh Start.
  • Three Love Camp foundation-building habits that lift the energy of every day into love— and they even help to create the brightest future! (you'll never want to give them up!)
  • You'll see the Love Story of your home and your life ...and we set the plans in motion to re-write it or expand it during the Love Camp.
  • Bedroom Magnetism- high level Feng Shui clearing to turn your bedroom into a love magnet! (*and,  you'll make a love magnet if you haven't already!) 
  • Feng Shui Love Intentions are set with clarity, emotion and fun. 
  • Plus: we'll start clearing the sneaky clutter that's been blocking the energy of love from flourishing in your home and life. 



This week we dive into empowerment in your home and life to foster new habits of self-love, self-esteem and an even stronger mission in life.  This is an incredible force to radiate more confidence and feel in love every day. 

  • 10 scientifically-proven (and some surprising) ways love can empower your life. 
  • The Feng Shui Elements of Love.  (An introduction to the powerful Five Elements and how to use them simply!)
  • Allowing yourself to be SEEN & CELEBRATED
  • 20 Energy Lessons to build Self-Love (& know just how worthy and deserving you are of love) 
  • The one thing you MUST do to feel fulfilled and build magic momentum when headed toward your dreams. 
  • Using Vulnerability as a Superpower!
  • 7 cutting-edge methods to stop Energy Drainers (the vampire energies in life) from holding you down or blocking your abundance. 
  • Feng Shui this week for your Self & Power areas of the home focuses on your love of your life's mission, adding love to workspaces and enhancing your awesome personal achievements!



Creative energy is as transformational as love itself- and it can help you to revive, feel inspired and manifest more of what you want.  We are all artists- and all of life is creative.  There is nothing in this week that will be out of reach for anyone in terms of skill- and you'll have new creative and insightful tools for desiging your dreams, keeping your energy soaring high and opening your heart!

This week, your style, your dreams and your home light up with so much artfulness!  

  • The love-expanding, magnetic and abundant power of art. 
  • 7 DIY Art Therapy exercises to clear space in your mind and heart for more love and abundance.
  • Sensual Sensory Living & My Feng Shui Magnetism Formula
  • Taking Your Personal Style To The Next Level! (From your closet to your dinner plate, high energy styling infuses life with your brand of art!)
  • My special ART ASSIGNMENT-- the exercise I give to clients that has enhanced and magnetized tons of love-- is now HERE for you!!!
  • Feng Shui this week for your Creativity & Legacy areas is all about cultivating more sensory richness and magnetic self-expression!



It's a bit of a lighter week but a vital week, an implementation week and a time to de-stress and rejuvenate deeply!   

This week there will be Feng Shui for the Health area of the bagua, along with resources and my favorite exercises to: 

  • clear the energy of your chakras
  • eliminate the most hidden source of stress in a home (you will love this- it is so unbelievably cool that the first day I learned to do it, I spent the entire day implimenting it and never looked back!)
  • open up your heart energy
  • and, celebrate your wellness.  



Love and money are intimately related in our lives and in our homes. We are exploring many aspects of money and abundance this week, feng shui-ing more abundance into your home, especially as it relates to your self-empowerment and thriving relationships.    

  • Authenticity and Unconditional Self-Love (*not a marketing strategy or something to learn, but, rather, it's you! Allowing yourself to shine through in all you do is incredibly magnetic!)
  • Money and your Love Story (I talk about this in Cash Camp - this is huge for your abundance and your life in love) 
  • 10 Ways To Use Tao (Connection) To Expand Your Love & Abundance!
  • Use Love To Power Up Your Cash Flow (yes, you'll be falling more in love with money, too!!!)
  • Empathy as the power to win in Love & Life (and instead of IQ, we'll look at our Emotional Intelligence (EQ!)
  • Feng Shui for the Money/Self-Empowerment & Helpful People Areas focuses on opening the doors to new opportunities and expanding the amount of greatness you can receive in your life! 



A Catch-Up week... (you'll appreciate it) with just one assignment (a very fun one, one I'm sure you'll repeat for a long time to come) to help you to feel like you're floating on clouds of love! 



In Feng Shui and in life, love builds wisdom and wisdom allows for deeper levels of commitment, harmony and love.  All of our relationships are the greatest opportunities to grow, and this week is full of science-based wisdom and… your full-scale Feng Shui bedroom makeover, including a webinar to work on your space with me  and create the dreamiest bedroom sanctuary. 

Love & Mirrors: Feng Shui your mirrors and learn about the mirror effect in life

  • 10 Ways To Communicate More Clearly & Connect More Deeply
  • The 7 (Main)Toxic Types Of Love and How To Let Them Go
  • The Heartbreak Cure & why grief is so important to growth.
  • Next Level Bedroom Feng Shui- everything you've likely never heard before about Feng Shui and bedrooms… and designing your best bedroom!
  • Feng Shui for the Wisdom areas will highlight and reinforce all the ways that love makes us stronger and expands our lives. The more we love, the more we can love!



This week we integrate all that we've done so far.  And: you'll dive into the love corners of your home with all of your personal wisdom, style, empowerment, mindfulness and open-heartedness on a high…!!!  You'll have a depth of personal understanding and so many tools to not just attract love, cultivate love and thrive in love, but also to turn this energy of love into far more of a far-reaching lifestyle. 

  • 10 simple science-based strategies to improve all of your relationships!
  • Enhancing intimacy in your home and life.
  • 5 Strategies For Turning Love Into A Lifestyle (*including cultivating unconditional love in challenging times!) 
  • 20 High-Energy Tools for manifesting more love every day in harmony with nature.  (crystals, sounds, scents, plants infused with your magic, love-expanding foods, and more to expand your horizons!) 
  • Feng Shui for the LOVE area of the bagua are the wide-open-hearted, passionate and blissful finishing touches on your magnetic sanctuary!


You might be wondering…

What if I miss the calls? 

Not a problem!  They are all recorded and you can listen to them all at any time. You can submit questions in advance and each call is posted in the Love Camp site for you as soon as it ends. 

Basically, I don't want you to miss a thing.

Plus, you can repeat The Love Camp with the group for FREE every year.  So, you will have time to re-do as many times as you'd like. Once you own it, you own it.

And, I'm in the Facebook group and on emails all day for you. Even long after the Love Camp ends.

How much time does this take each week?

How much are you ready to create?!

The actual material will take you about an hour and a half a week in terms of watching videos... but the implementation is up to you!

I don't recommend you overwhelm yourself, and I've designed this to avoid overwhelm, progressively building plans and making changes over the 8 weeks.  Even if you have major changes to make and it takes you a year, it's all here for you and so am I!  

I already have a great relationship so what more will you show me?

Having a spectacular relationship with a partner is only one aspect of Love Camp, albeit a big one.  Much of the Love Camp is about elevating the energy of your whole life.  Creative awakening, manifesting, self-loving, balance-restoring, energy re-setting, habit-shifting... love-building science... and yes... Feng Shui like never before.

The Feng Shui tools you will work with in The Love Camp is extensive — and everyone who is Certified by me as a Feng Shui Professional in The School Of Intention usually does this Love Camp as a part of the process of personal development.  It's that important to making the Feng Shui magic happen!

What if I fall behind?

I've built in 2 lighter catch-up weeks in the Camp… and that can be helpful.  Most importantly- and I say this endlessly in the groups— your pace is the best pace.  No one will leave you on your own if you need help!

No one will punish you or criticize you if you fall behind... but we'll help you if you feel stuck at any time! 

I want you to get the most from this experience, and that's why you'll have The Love Camp as a resource to keep forever.

I've failed many times before at getting my love life together, I don't have enough time for I a lost cause?

Nope. You probably have lots of habits that reinforce what's going on. You might also have ideas and beliefs that hold these patterns in place in your life.

That's why we do both Space-Clearing and Life-Organizing in the Love Camp along with all the Feng Shui.

And, it's why I've added even more resources, calls, energy clearing and webinars.

When you can confront the bad ideas or stuck emotions holding you back you can get rid of the mess. And vice-versa.

The Love Camp is created so you can confront where you're stuck from many different vantage points and find higher energy and freedom to love in your own best ways. 

What if I don't have life goals yet and I don't know what I specifically want out of this experience?

This Camp revels in creating Clarity. It may be the perfect place to sort out where you want to put your energy and thrive. The tools and exercises may actually help you clarify more of your mission and purpose, but I can't guarantee you'll sort things out from a place of total 'not knowing' because it's such a personal revelation. It's most certainly going to move you in the direction you will want to move (order, stability, peace) & that I can guarantee.

Is Feng Shui religious?

Some of it is. None of mine is.

Do you do kua numbers, use compasses or do i ching or other zodiac predictions?

No. While I love the sciences involved in astrology and numerology, I don't practice any form of Feng Shui that will have you worried about your luck, your wellbeing or your good fortune.

You make your own luck!

My life philosophy is based on everyone being unlimited. The Feng Shui I practice is not confusing or confounding. There is a lot of Feng Shui taught with superstition and a type of mysticism that I feel isn't in the best interest of anyone who wants to live in an unlimited, free, creative, empowered way. We don't do that here.

I believe you can create any amazing outcome you want if you are committed to it, and I've seen this proved true again and again! 


The Bonuses And Exclusive Events!

Each one is a transformational experience in itself!

CORD CUTTING ENERGY MEDITATION! (*this BONUS costs more than the whole Camp if you did it on its own!)

Brilliant healer Julie Hovsepian has created an Energy Meditation to help you energetically let go of any baggage of the past so that LOVE can FLOURISH!!! 

The Love Visioning Workshop!

There is a Manifestation Workshop online to kick off the Love Camp this year! 

In Fifth Dimension Manifestation, everything is created with the energy of your heart, your passion and your emotions. It's one of the most simple, powerful and incredibly fun ways to make things happen every day!!!

These are techniques I typically don't share, but in the super-high energy of this Love Camp, now's the time! 


If you're ready to elevate your home, align your energy, welcome in more love and put your new-found, mountain-moving focus behind your passions and dreams, sign up now!

The Love Camp is only open for registration for a few days and then it's closed for registration until the Summer of 2024.

It's $398 for the 8-Week Love Camp with materials you keep forever:  10+ Hours of gorgeous HD Videos, 30+ pages of Resources, How-To's And Home-Work (literally: fun work for your home!), 8-Weeks of Q&A Coaching Calls with no time limit, our Live Feng Shui WEBINARS & very special BONUSES & Bonus Calls!

It's over $3500 worth of exclusive material, home and life coaching, Feng Shui with me and all the bonuses if you bought them separately.  

You can repeat The Love Camp yearly for no extra charge, including all the new material and additions added every session.

It costs less than one hour of my hourly rate to join now!

And, it's the last time The Love Camp will run at this price before it raises next year. 

If you're ready for a next level in love, in life and at home, all those breakthroughs are waiting for you!!!

To sign up for The Love Camp, click the big red button below and I'll see you soon!




P.S.: Don't let your own blocks stop you from moving forward...and upward. Creating clear space in your life is seriously important for your wellbeing as well as all the love in your life & I hope you do it lavishly and completely to make room for lots of wellness and all of your dreams. (xoxo!)

Join us in The Love Camp!

The Pay Plan is here!



10+ Hours of Love Camp HD Videos 

8 Q & A Coaching Calls With Dana

3 Live one-on-one Feng Shui Webinars with Dana to answer all your home Feng Shui questions

BONUS calls from the top experts in wellness

Lifetime access, including access to Camp upgrades, additions and bonuses...

And, you can repeat the Camp each year with Dana as many times as you'd like for FREE

PLUS: A Manifesting Workshop packed with unique tools to supercharge your intentions. 




  • 10+ Hours of Love Camp HD Videos 
  • 8 Q & A Coaching Calls With Dana
  • 3 Live one-on-one Feng Shui Webinars with Dana to answer all your home Feng Shui questions
  • BONUS calls from the top experts in wellness
  • Lifetime access, including access to Camp upgrades, additions and bonuses...
  • And, you can repeat the Camp each year with Dana as many times as you'd like for FREE
  • PLUS: A Manifesting Workshop packed with unique tools to supercharge your intentions. 

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