Today I want to share the Cash Camp with you and I hope that you sign on.

The idea for this online Money Feng Shui Camp started about 19 years ago.

The stories we can tell about money tend to start even earlier than that, though. 

As a little kid, I heard nothing but heartache about money,  credit cards piling up debt, tears, fights, uncertainty,  guilt… it was a nightmare that you could feel everywhere in my house. 

I swore I would never be without money.

Until I was. 

And, I couldn’t blame either of my parents, or anything else, when I found myself in a financial crisis. I was an adult. I made decisions. I thought they were great decisions, like choosing to travel the world for a while, freelancing to try different career paths, and furthering my education.

I didn’t regret a thing, and I still don't. But, my money habits weren't exactly organized.  

Even when I started working intensely hard, debt still piled up. I was always behind financially, no matter how hard I worked. 

Then, under the weight of my stress, my life just blew up. I got extremely sick with an autoimmune issue that landed me in the hospital without health insurance for weeks. My job ended at the same time.

I had no choice but to figure out how to finally thrive and clean up my nearly $148,000 in debt. 

It’s when I found Feng Shui, and it's when I started to make the kind of changes that put a solid foundation under my life that I never had before.

I came to realize that the degree of order, the quality of energy, and even the aesthetics of my home were all a reflection of my financial state. As I learned to Feng Shui both my home and my finances, everything transformed. 

As I began to prosper, I simultaneously created a life that I had dreamed about. 

The principles I learned and the practices I share in The Cash Camp helped me to prosper in every kind of economy, even thriving through the financial meltdown years ago.  Actually, in those years of Great Recession, I made dramatically more money than I made in the roaring economic years before it. 

It's always time to thrive!

After spending nearly two decades helping people organize and energize their homes--  and bring their dreams to life in the process--  I'm absolutely certain that you can do it, too.

That's why I'm so excited to share The Cash Camp with you!


When you empower your home, you empower your life!

The Cash Camp is a Feng Shui Wealth-Building!  

What does that mean? 

  • We confront the big home obstacles you have--disorder, clutter, drama, and everything that may have been neglected at home in the course of life. This creates lots of clear space for you to focus and build prosperous momentum.
  • We organize finances and every aspect of your abundance-- including your schedule -- so that you have time for yourself and time to create new avenues of cash flow.¬†While money is vital, your time is priceless.¬†
  • We create more calm and clarity at home and in life. From this place you can overcome obstacles and take creative leaps with more ease.¬†
  • Feng Shui lights up your home with positive, personal, inspiring messages of wealth. With Feng Shui, you'll be immersed in magnetic energy and you'll see¬†abundance everywhere you look! ¬†

Wealth is well-being, first and foremost.

As you care for your home, you care for yourself. This is an excellent way to get ready for higher levels of success in every way you define it.

When you are open to amazing things, and you have the organized and clear space to receive them, amazing things tend to come to you with ease and speed.  

Organizing your life and building financial freedom is something we all know we need to do, yet it can be so daunting and hard to confront.  

Some of the big reasons why: 

  • Emotions attached to money can be hard to approach.   
  • Things can feel more chaotic before they become organized.  (It's the reason I could never fully get my money together until I was forced to.)
  • If you've been disorganized or working like crazy, you may be burned out and can't imagine having the energy to realign your life. 
  • Emotional rollercoasters, stress and crisis can pull your focus off of growth. It can be hard to imagine having the time to reorganize your life.

When you can move past these hurdles, life expands in incredible and joyful ways.  



  • Your environment is gorgeous and alive with energy. 
  • You're more optimistic and don't dwell on worst case scenarios.
  • Work doesn't feel like a chore since you are connected to what you love every day. 
  • You feel more confident and grounded. 
  • You aren't approaching days from struggle but, rather, from a place of focused excitement!
  • Your finances are in order: you know what you have, where it is, how it flows and what you need. 
  • Your ability to confront and solve work and life issues -- instead of being overwhelmed by them-- soars. 
  • Inspiration flows freely.
  • You can enjoy real luxury- including the luxury of free time and self love. 
  • You have more time – minimally 7 more hours a week in my experience-- to focus on building what you want.  
  • You know how valuable you are.  You also feel incredibly grateful every day.
  • You feel very much in control of your time and decide where you want to invest your energy. 
  • You're much more radiant and glowing! 
  • You think about, talk about and actively find new paths forward, ways to innovate and ways to expand your wealth. 
  • You create far more luck in your life.
  • You have a life plan full of purpose and meaning. That blueprint allows you to build your dreams and your financial well-being every day, step-by-step, instead of waiting for a perfect time and hoping for good fortune. 
  • You feel excited looking at your bank balance knowing that it is growing!

And that's just the start.  In this Feng Shui journey I've seen everything from dream jobs falling from the clear blue sky into people's laps, hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt paid off, and even $500,000 of investment money pouring into someone's business after just a few significant but simple switches were made at home.  
While I can't guarantee any specific outcome to you, I can guarantee that you will experience tons of powerful and personal change from the actions in the Cash Camp. 


If you're new here, welcome! My name is Dana Claudat. I studied Art History at Stanford University, and over the past 18 years, working with thousands of people around the world, I became a Feng Shui Master. I created a revolutionary method of Feng Shui based on infinite possibility, creativity and intention, a method that's fully empowering and dynamically powerful.  

I help people rewrite their story to give more of themselves to life and get more of what they want from life.

The Christian Science Monitor did a profile on me & my work and reported:

 "She identifies herself as a designer, writer, and modern Feng Shui Master, but after speaking with her I feel she could add several other descriptors to her roster, including: catalyst, intuitive, and coach." 

My work has been featured in Good Housekeeping, NBC News, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Well + Good, The Toronto Sun, The Chalkboard, Women's Day, Curbed, Lonny, Huffington Post, and hundreds of blogs and magazines around the world. I've spoken at exclusive engagements for Soho House, The Four Seasons and more. I'm one of the original wellness experts of Mind Body Green and I was an Interiors editor of the Tumblr platform.  Mind Body Green & Athleta named me one of 2015's Top 100 Women To Watch in Wellness.  

In all this time, the most universal desire --and need-- that nearly all of my clients ask for when they called on me for help is more money and wealth. 

Everyone wants more abundance and financial freedom. And, that's why I created the Cash Camp nearly a decade ago. 

This is all about you. You are the genius here.

I've learned so much over years of working with thousands of people. The superstar group you are joining is, hands-down, the greatest group of people that I'm blessed to know! People who have experienced many-many online courses are blown away by the teamwork, synergy, support, brilliance and real love in the Feng Shui Camps. You are the genius here, and I'm honored to be your guide on the Feng Shui journey. While I can make no income claims for you, I can tell you that this group has made so much money that they attribute to The Cash Camp. Many millions collectively. And, the group continues to thrive, season-after-season. Here are some Cash Camp Success Stories!

"Regarding the Cash Camp -- I left my job a year ago to pursue my own writing projects. I'm very happy that I did, but money is a struggle at this time. During the Cash camp, I was able to reduce or eliminate some expenses that will save me about $8,000 through the end of the year. I was more than happy and content with this outcome. When I did my income taxes, I was expecting to owe about $5000 but instead I'll be getting a $4000 refund. I'm so thrilled; this will be such a big help! I continue to do some Cash camp activities every week and remain focused on improving this area of my life. Thank you so much for all that you do. Stay well. "

~ Brenda

"I joined the Cash Camp on a whim- not sure if I'd complete it or if it would amount to anything. I have yet to finish my last two weeks! I completed the weeks and became more engaged in my finances, figuring how much I have, owed etc. My apartment became more of a HOME throughout the weeks. I realized how not using what I had came from a scarcity mindset and prevented flow! Once I let go, I experienced a raise of $2k and then a promotion of another $10k! Happily, I'm redoing my budget, moving into a renovated apartment and planning to buy a home! Take the class! Thank you Dana!"

~ Raquel

"A brief synopsis of my year since Cash Camp 2015: I landed a new job in November. The position met all of my requirements: close to home, stress free, positive environment, and earning over 3X what I had made in the last few years. It is quite amazing. Since I had the funds I started seeing a Naturopath in March of this year. Thanks to his guidance and the AIP diet plan, I am pain free and full of energy. Losing approx 45 lbs, going from a size 16 to a size 10! I not only feel good but I have to say I look pretty fantastic as well. My home is in fabulous order (for the most part) - a couple of areas need help but they are my husband's corners of the world - I steer clear for my own sanity. I have so much more I want to do! I cannot wait to see what Cash Camp 2016 will bring. EXCITED!!!!! "

~ Angie

"Results ‚Äď that‚Äôs why you should do Dana‚Äôs camps. From being laid-off and unemployed for a year, behind one month in rent, living on the edge of ‚Äėwhat‚Äôs going to happen to me‚Äô ‚Ķ to gainfully employed in a position practically designed for me, driving a beautiful Hyundai Sonata with heated seats, all expenses fully paid. Support ‚Äď Dana is a sweet, thoughtful, inspirational, experienced strong, old soul. Her work is impeccable. You are guided throughout. And the group ‚Äď there is power that comes with intention. Dana pointed this out, I called upon the group and ta da! the job arrived more generously than I planned. I have never met the group, but I know them. Supportive and sometimes funny, informative and extremely useful. Awareness / Intention / Living Mindfully ‚Äď how do you suppose I was able, in the midst of all that stuckness and fear ‚Äď especially brought on by others who couldn‚Äôt bear standing in my shoes ‚Äď to keep moving forward, believing, letting go, handling living on the skinny branches of the tree? Dana and the Camp. Breakthroughs from breakdowns; simplicity out of chaos. Living in the present, bringing intention in the present activity, looking forward, silencing the noise. IF thoughts are things, and everything is energy just vibrating at different levels, then you are safe in Dana‚Äôs teachings. So as a simple example: I created a few rituals ‚Äď nothing drastic - a singing bowl so I feel the vibration move through me, and hear the tone to remind me why I‚Äôm (say) cleaning up an area versus it simply being a chore of cleaning ‚Ķ can you see the difference? That‚Äôs Dana. If you‚Äôre here, you‚Äôre ready to take on this part of your life. No coincidence. You‚Äôre in good hands creating your foundation from which you can build or even rebuild your dreams. Thanks Dana. I love you. "

~ Marilyn D.

"Dana's camps and associated videos, phone calls, webinars and Facebook groups have been truly life altering for me. They are magical, but not magic. Instead they are based on cutting edge science, wholistic living and thoughtful exercises to guide you in developing intentional living. Nearly a year ago in Cash Camp most of us - there's no pressure to do any given exercise, but this was especially fun - so most of us made a version of a Chinese Wealth Vase. I included 6 intentions in mine. All...I repeat. ..ALL have been manifested. Included among these wishes was moving to a different part of town. We had moved only a year earlier and my husband had no appetite for doing it again. He said he'd love to be in the other area, but we looked there last time and couldn't find anything even close to our price range. We're living there now. We have a lovely home and my husband declares weekly how happy he is. And yes, we've vowed not to move again! I began by saying Dana's work has been life changing. During her Joy Immersion program, she gave me a suggestion which led to a radical shift in my thinking and actions toward positivism. This stood me in good stead as I learned two months laterthat I had an aggressive form of cancer. By then being positive was an established habit and came naturally. I have completed 9 months of treatment, remaining upbeat and positive throughout. My 1st follow up yesterday was a thumbs up, and I am certain that my positive outlook played a major role in my recovery. Life changing! "

~Dale D.


I've been creating and hosting very large, but incredibly intimate, online groups for nearly a decade. I know the life-changing force of an aligned community. I live for this stuff. And, I know that this experience isn't for everyone. 

The Cash Camp is NOT for you if...

  • you want to complain, blame others, or anything of the sort.
  • you're waiting for someone to do the work for you.
  • you're convinced you won't be able to have success. (I know you can, but I can't convince you.)
  • you're looking to re-decorate your home with my 1+1 guidance during the Cash Camp.  We are focusing on Feng Shui for your wealth intentions, not an in-depth design consultation, even though the outcomes will be gorgeous design in your home!  That said, you'll have 1+1 time with me during our final webinar to fine tune your home Feng Shui and get all the ideas you need to design, re-design and activate the energy in your home wherever you want a boost. We also have weekly calls and the Facebook group to look at your home in more depth together.  
  • you want a complete Feng Shui consultation (see the above!) since that's outside of the scope of our focus.  We are focused on Feng Shui for more money and you will have everything you need to create success. The Cash Camp includes 20X more material than you'd get in a consultation (though consultations are special onto themselves) so rest-assured, you are doing major Feng Shui in The Cash Camp.
  • you're not really motivated even though it sounds like a good idea. I want people in The Cash Camp who are excited to go on the journey and support each other in the process.  It's better for everyone if everyone is 100% committed! 

The Cash Camp IS for you if...

  • you're ready to transform your space and your financial life to flourish on a higher level. 
  • you're open to confronting your situation now, whatever it may be, to find personal solutions and new paths forward with the help of the Camp. 
  • you're excited to have a space and life free of the needless obstacles and blocks that have been standing in the way of your prosperous thriving. 
  • you're willing to do the work. (I've made The Cash Camp as reasonable as possible because we're all very busy, but it does take willingness to dive in and do it!)
  • You're excited to bring more action, flow, opportunities and magnetism to your life with both Feng Shui and you're own creative energy. 

This Cash Camp is open just once a year and if you're ready to join, I am so happy to welcome you in!



"Cash Camp is inspirational, innovative, and foundational. This course provides Feng Shui support and practices to achieve your wealth-enhancing goals. Dana's intuitive, result-focused teaching and coaching style engages participants at all levels. New to Cash Camp or a time-tested veteran, each module offers pivotal guidance in making your living space a home-welcoming, life-changing experience. "

~ Grace

""Dana has poured inconceivable, infinite amounts of love into this course. It's brimming with both JOY and super practical solutions. I love the blend of spirituality + science. I completed this course in 2015, and again in 2016. I‚Äôve had issues completing projects and online courses, so this speaks volumes about how fun and doable Dana makes something that could otherwise be incredibly overwhelming. I work a full-time job and have been building my own business in my spare time since 2013, and this course was absolutely worth my time, money and energy. I've taken a bunch of online courses and many of them were worth it, BUT this course is my all-time favorite online course I've ever taken! Every e-mail, every video, all the resources, Dana‚Äôs consistent engagement and support in the FB group ‚Äď ALL of it was sent with intention, love and joy. It was ‚Äúcurated‚ÄĚ like she taught us in the Camp. During my second year of Cash Camp, I moved apartments and implemented everything I learned, so I moved into my new space with only things that brought me joy, vibrancy, homey-ness, and spaciousness. I use the tools we learned every week, if not every day, to prevent the feeling of stagnancy in my life. Right now, I‚Äôve got the ceiling fan going at full blast to bring the ‚Äúair‚ÄĚ element in the center of my home. I hope you all love it as much as I did, and I'm excited to witness your journeys via the FB group. If you're ready to re-invent your home and your life in an easy, fun way, Dana‚Äôs Cash Camp will change your life forever!" "

Erin Dubich
Erin Dubich Nutrition

"I am just one of the many veteran Cash Campers. I now practice ideas and suggestions which Dana presented that increased the use, flow and balance of my money. Now more of it circulates back into my pockets instead of draining away. The Cash Camp has help change and shift my thinking and everyday habits from fear, to awareness and more enjoyment of it. EVERYONE could use more of this good stuff! After all, the enjoyment of money increases it in your life. Join us, you'll find many there to help you along."

Maurice Ottey

"When I decided to enroll your Cash Camp, my first intention was to go deeper in that kind of Feng Shui that was finally so clear and easily practical for me. The idea of working on Wealth and Money area of my life was still quite uncomfortable at the beginning but I suddenly realized that was exactly what I needed most and the experience took me even further than I hoped. Every single week of the Camp was more and more rich of joyful teachings and exciting tasks. Sometimes I felt little overwhelmed but found lots of help in you and the marvellous support of Facebook's group. Most of all, I'll never forget the call we had just before my trip to Paris: I was so scared I was going to present myself and promote my work to gallerists but you infused me something that I'll bring with me forever. I'm so happy to tell you that after few weeks the Cash Camp was finished, suddenly everything changed in my life: my creativity reflourished, I sold again my works and I'm planning new exhibitions. Most unpredictable also my photographs become appreciated. You were right: energy is contagious! Thank you for let me be with you in this wonderful journey. "


"Dana, I just wanted to thank you again for creating Cash Camp. I didn't really know what to expect when I signed up, but Cash Camp truly changed my life. You share such a depth of knowledge in so many areas, and the materials for the camp are presented in such an accessible, down-to-earth way that it makes the experience actually so much fun! Clearing clutter and streamlining the energy in your space truly impacts all facets of your life, not just your physical home -- I had no idea! Since Cash Camp 2015, I've welcomed a ton of abundance into my life -- from a new car (with no payments!) to huge creative opportunities and a new day job that's much more supportive of my writing. Most importantly, I've learned tools that I continue to use on a daily basis to clear away the fog and energize my creative work. Thank you, Dana. I'm looking forward to the next Camp! "

Beth Burns

In The Cash Camp, you'll have every simple, clear and super-powerful resource to transform your home and your life, expanding your abundance!

  • Eight weeks of guidance from and access to me- Dana Claudat- a Feng Shui Master with over 18 years of experience working with thousands of people around the world. 
  • A log-in to a private portal where you'll find all The Cash Camp material arriving weekly starting the week of October 25th.  (*You have this material to keep, even after our eight weeks together.)
  • A Live Streamed (and recorded) Abundance Activation Session -- The Wealth Visioning Workshop--  to clarify your goals and learn strategies to bring them to life in creative, practical ways that feel like magic. 
  • A private Facebook group. People join Facebook just to be a part of this group- it's AWESOME. I'm present every day for the 8-Week Camp. Facebook is not mandatory, but people do love this group.
  • The Abundance-Activating Energy Meditation created by master energy expert Julie Hovsepian. 
  • Camp Materials that include over 10 hours of gorgeous HD videos, check-lists, worksheets and inspiring resource pages to keep you organized and fully immersed in the depths of this wealth-expansion process!
  • 8 Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls with me where every single one of your questions on the material will be answered. 
  • LIVE FENG SHUI WEBINARS - where we'll personally polish and fine tune your space. You'll get my personal Feng Shui fine tuning on any space in your home or office (or both!) where you feel challenged, stuck, or simply want my feedback.
  • You keep the Cash Camp materials and can repeat the Cash Camp every year with the group for no extra fees.
  • Bonus Calls with incredible leaders & experts.

Tapping Into Awesomeness with EFT/Tapping superstar Brad Yates. 

**Brad masterfully guides us through the power and potential of the DIY Tapping technique to transform your mind and your life outcomes!

Mastering Your Mind In Your Own Way With Olympic Bronze Medalist Caroline Stilwell Burckle

**Caroline shares the ways of peak performance mental training that she teaches as a coach, and that she used as an Olympian. This was the hugest ah-ha moment, recording this call, that was life-changing for me and many others. We all have the answers within us. Caroline de-mystifies the idea of training your mind and makes it fun!

Supercharge Your Professional Presentation with Hollywood Publicist Molly Schoneveld

** As a Celebrity & Lifestyle publicist and lifestyle expert herself, Molly shares her secret touches to making lasting connections and communicating in ways that leave a super-positive lasting impression both online and in person!

Rewiring Your Mind To Thrive In Huge Ways with Transformational Life Coach Carrie Zievitz

**Carrie Zievitz is a Board Certified Life Coach and Advanced Psych-K practitioner.  We talk in depth about re-writing the mind so that your subconscious is really on your side all the time.


Every week of The Cash Camp is filled with Money Feng Shui and Transformational Tools that are both easy to approach and wildly powerful!


In this week: 

- You'll create a DIY Space-Clearing routine to creates a Fresh Start.

- Two financial foundation-building habits will help you get radically organized. (*You'll never want to give them up!)

- You'll see the Money Story of your home and your life, and set the plans in motion to re-write it during The Cash Camp.

- It's time to build your Wealth Jar to clarify your goals and enhance your magnetism. 

- Feng Shui'd Financial Planning lights up your life. It's been reported that when you write out your goals on paper they have a better chance of coming to fruition, so you'll set goals for The Cash Camp --and for your life-- that have purpose, meaning, and excitement in them! 


In this week: 

- You'll explore the Modern Money Science you need to know about fear of success and building wealth.

- The Big R : RESPONSIBILITY is in the spotlight. There are three big exercises to move you from victim to victor and from stuck to flowing.

- You'll plot your success, putting an end frustration and fear. How much money do you earn? How much money do you want? What do you owe? What do you need?  You'll set off to put things in motion right now. 

- You'll create a Life-Expanding Budget that expands your wealth attraction.

- Four key money energy principles will help you to expand your life and finances.

- Breaking the toxic ties that sometimes come between love and money if you have'em, as they are very common, draining, and destructive

- And… you'll add Feng Shui to the Wisdom and Relationship areas of your home for more abundance!


In this week:

- Big Energy Alignment grows to create incredible Money Karma!

- The Science of Working Smarter is in the spotlight.

- 20 Energy Lessons to Build Self-Esteem can help you fill your toolkit with energetic success strategies. 

- You'll dive into the one thing you MUST do to feel fulfilled and build magic momentum.

- Scheduling like a boss becomes easy so that you fully own your time.

- There's a blueprint to becoming the high-level CEO of your life!

- Feng Shui this week for your Self & Power areas of your home focuses on abundance, office space, and your awesome achievements.



This week is a catch-up week with one big assignment that will tie together all we've done so far. You'll see and celebrate all your progress!


In this week:

- There are 10 Creativity Exercises to help you get and stay in the flow of your genius!

- You'll learn how to do anything better and add value to everything you do.

- Using Nature to heal, balance and amplify your home and life becomes a vital practice.

- You'll see why Legacy is the force that can make your dreams come true, and how to harness that mission-driven energy.

- Three exercises to expand your wealth will help you turn your talents into dollars.

- Feng Shui this week for your home's Creativity and Legacy areas is all about cultivating your limitless genius.


This is an integration week with just one assignment to help you look and feel like a zillion dollars!


In this week:

- Connecting to others in a powerful way creates more Infinite Possibility in life. 

- You'll explore 10 ways to live with more passion that are practical and prosperous. 

- You'll do big GIVING in many ways while you steer clear of OVER-GIVING.

- 10 holistic ways to become more open-hearted can help you bring the best teams of support, clients, friends, and loved ones into your circle. 

- Feng Shui this week for the Helpful People areas of your home adds welcome and magnetism.


In this week:

- Daily Routines to boost, maintain, and follow your energy can mix effortlessly into your lifestyle. 

- You'll learn 5 ways to use crystals to attract more wealth and opportunity. 

- Growing, flowing, and expanding your plans will help you stay in the consistent path of growth and thriving. 

- You'll learn my favorite holistic ways to live a more abundant lifestyle that feeds your wealth. 

- We go for the money! Feng Shui for the Money area of every room of your house will put the finishing touches on your fortune-building!


  • I am here to be of service to you. Your outcome is my outcome, and I take the successes of everyone who interacts with my material ¬†extremely seriously.
  • You will have my support, my ingenuity, and the best of my years of experience to answer every single one of your questions.
  • And, if you go through the whole Camp and actually DO it all- ALL eight¬†weeks- and do not see or feel any changes in your home or life for the better, you can happily have a full refund if you send in all of your completed homework and photos by the last day of The Cash Camp cycle.


What if I miss the Zoom calls?  They are all recorded. I collect questions from you in advance, and each call is posted in the Camp site for you to listen to as a replay. 

I don't want you to miss a thing, and you will not miss a thing.

Plus, you can repeat The Cash Camp with the group for FREE every year.  So, you will have time to re-do as many times as you'd like. 

How much time does this take each week? How much do you have to organize and build? The actual material will take you about an hour and a half a week in terms of watching videos, but the time you spend with implementation is up to you. I recommend that you go at your own pace, as I've designed this Cash Camp to avoid overwhelm. 

Also, realize your money story didn't happen overnight, so it will take time to build great habits and make the shifts you want to make. You many need longer than 8 weeks to complete your projects and reach your goals. You will still be able to complete The Cash Camp with flying colors, even if you need more time before you are 100% done implementing everything. 

I already know how to balance a checkbook, so what more will you show me? Budgets and financial tracking are only a small - but vital - piece of Cash Camp. You'll learn creativity-enhancing, problem solving, efficiency-creating, balance-restoring, energy re-setting, habit shifting... wealth-building science and unique, revolutionary Feng Shui. 

What if I fall behind?  No one will punish you or criticize you if you fall behind, but we'll help keep things moving at your best pace! I want you to get the most from this experience, and that's why you'll have it as a resource to keep. There is no need to rush. 

I've failed many times before at getting my money together, am I a lost cause? Nope. You probably have lots of habits and/or ideas that hold these patterns in place in your life. That's why we do both Space-Clearing and Life-Organizing in The Cash Camp along with all the Feng Shui. And it's why I've added even more resources, Zoom calls, energy clearing and webinars. The Cash Camp is created so you can confront your present situation from many unique vantage points and find your own best paths forward. 

What if I don't have life goals yet and I don't know what I specifically want out of this experience? This Camp revels in creating clarity. It may be the perfect place to sort out where you want to invest your energy. The tools and exercises may actually help you clarify more of your mission and purpose. 

Is Feng Shui religious? Some of it is. None of this Feng Shui is religious at all. 

Do you do kua numbers, use compasses or do i ching or other zodiac predictions? No. While I love the sciences involved in astrology and numerology, I don't practice any form of Feng Shui that will leave you confused or worried about your luck, your well-being, or your good fortune.

You make your own luck!

If you're ready to organize and Feng Shui your home and money, focus on your passions, live with more confidence, joy, and magnetism--and build more wealth-- sign up now!

If ever there were a time to create a magnetic home and a life full of the highest energy, reorganizing the universe in your favor, and filling every day with more purpose, grounded stability and far more abundance, it's right now!

The Cash Camp is only open for registration for a few days this year and then it's closed for registration until the Fall of 2024. 

Right now, it's $248.00 to join in The Cash Camp, and the entire money-magnetic experience that includes: 

--10+ hours of gorgeous HD Videos

-- Extensive Weekly Resources, Checklists and Templates to make this Cash Camp experience easy to use to supercharge your home, life, and money. 

--An exclusive Abundance Activating Energy Meditation that's waiting when you log in. 

--9 weeks of Q&A ZOOM Coaching Calls with no time limit. These include: webinars to review your personal floor plans, and opportunities to review and Feng Shui rooms in your home together that need some extra-abundant energy magic! 

--And, special Bonus Calls with top-tier experts in generating abundance

--Plus, you have the material to keep, and you can repeat The Cash Camp yearly for no extra charge, including all the new material, bonuses, and additions added to the Cash Camps in the future.

Next season, the price will raise to $398, but this year it was very important to me to keep the price low and add on extend payment plans (*with no added fees) to help as many people as possible to organize and expand their abundance in this transformational time.

Right now, it costs less than one hour of my hourly rate to join right now. 

The Camp is now OPEN and waiting for you to begin.

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I'm wishing you incredible joy, wealth, abundance, and, most of all, I'm wishing you so much wellness. It's the greatest wealth. 




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  • 10+ hours of gorgeous Cash Camp HD Feng Shui videos that you can implement using everything you have at home.¬†
  • 9 Live Q & A coaching calls with Dana (all recorded)¬†
  • Abundance Activating Energy Meditation¬†
  • A Wealth Visioning Webinar¬†to create crystal-clear¬†Intention and use Feng Shui to manifest¬†your dreams!
  • Over 30 useful + valuable downloadable resources
  • Live one-on-one WEBINARS to fine tune your Feng Shui¬†
  • BONUS calls from the top¬†experts in wealth & wellness
  • Lifetime Access: including access to Camp upgrades, additions and bonuses...
  • can repeat the Camp each year with Dana as many times as you'd like with¬†no extra charge.¬†¬†The Cash Camp runs for 8 weeks each year and¬†you are welcome back¬†to take the wealth-building Feng Shui to the next level every year from here on out!¬†



  • 10+ hours of gorgeous Cash Camp HD Feng Shui videos that you can implement using everything you have at home.¬†
  • 9¬†Live Q & A coaching calls with Dana (all recorded)¬†
  • Abundance Activating Energy Meditation¬†
  • A Wealth Visioning Webinar¬†to create crystal-clear¬†Intention and use Feng Shui to manifest¬†your dreams!
  • Over 30 useful + valuable downloadable resources
  • Live one-on-one WEBINARS to fine tune your Feng Shui¬†
  • BONUS calls from the top¬†experts in wealth & wellness
  • Lifetime Access: including access to Camp upgrades, additions and bonuses...
  • can repeat the Camp each year with Dana as many times as you'd like with¬†no extra charge.¬†¬†The Cash Camp runs for 8 weeks each year and¬†you are welcome back¬†to take the wealth-building Feng Shui to the next level every year from here on out!¬†



  • 10+ hours of gorgeous Cash Camp HD Feng Shui videos that you can implement using everything you have at home.¬†
  • 9 Live Q & A coaching calls with Dana (all recorded)¬†
  • Abundance Activating Energy Meditation¬†
  • A Wealth Visioning Webinar¬†to create crystal-clear¬†Intention and use Feng Shui to manifest¬†your dreams!
  • Over 30 useful + valuable downloadable resources
  • Live one-on-one WEBINARS to fine tune your Feng Shui¬†
  • BONUS calls from the top¬†experts in wealth & wellness
  • Lifetime Access: including access to Camp upgrades, additions and bonuses...
  • can repeat the Camp each year with Dana as many times as you'd like with¬†no extra charge.¬†The Cash Camp runs for 8 weeks each year and¬†you are welcome back¬†to take the wealth-building Feng Shui to the next level every year from here on out!¬†

P.S.: Don't let your own blocks stop you from moving forward...and upward. Creating clear space in your life is seriously important for your wellbeing as well as your entire and I hope you do it lavishly and completely to make room for lots of wellness and all of your dreams. (xoxo!)


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